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Fried rice is one of the most authentic Chinese dishes. It originated in China around 4000 B.C. and Yeungchow fried rice can even be traced back to Sui dynasty (589 - 618).

Fried rice used to be a home dish and the ingredients were mainly leftover meat, vegetables and rice. Until one day, emperor Kin Lung discovered the dish when he was traveling down south. It was so delicious that he brought the dish back to the palace and ordered his chef to prepare the same dish but replaced all the leftovers to fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fresh rice. Since then, fried rice has raised itself from a home dish to an exquisite cuisine that used in banquets and wedding receptions.

Fried Rice Express have many years of experience in making fried rice as well as other
authentic dishes. We feature over 40 different kinds of fried rice ranging from banquet fried rice to homemade fried rice. Our authentic fried rice will certainly amaze you and do not forget to try our House Fried Rice. It is so unique that you cannot have it anywhere else. With Fried Rice Express, fried rice is no longer an ordinary dish, it becomes the state of the art.

Types of Food:
Fried Rice, Szechwan, Hunan,
Mandarin, Cantonese, Noodles

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